Monday, September 27, 2010

Athens Burning

The landmark Georgia Theater in Athens burns last year. This year the entire town joins in.

The predictable teeth gnashing and wailing is issuing forth from Athens after this weekend’s loss to the heretofore 2nd class SEC Bulldogs.

Moreover, the previously unthinkable is being openly discussed – the end of the Mark Richt era.

It seems like just yesterday that – in the wake of the infamous “celebration” at the WLOCP in Jacksonville – the Georgia faithful were stating “The Worm has Turned” with this type of bravado -

"All of that Gator superiority we’ve come to know and love have vanished from this guy’s mindset. It’s all ghosts now. Three out of the last eighteen? Gone. Visor Boy? Gone. Danny the All-American? Gone. At this point, Franz may not even remember that his team won the last MNC, so consumed is he with wrath over Richt’s perfidy."

Since the “Celebration”? Well the Dawgs have a 24-11 overall record, having lost twice to the Gators by a combined score of 90-27. Not to mention that 2008, that started with Georgia atop the college football world and polls, ended with the BCS title in the Gator’s hands.

Far be it from me to assess what ails Georgia, but I note that their last 4 recruiting classes – ranked 15th, 6th, 7th and 9th by, aren’t the problem. The talent is there.

My best guess is the Richt era is effectively over, especially when we start seeing these type of discussions.

As to the actual end date I cannot guess, but a similar loss to Mississippi State was, unlike the faux “Celebration” in Jacksonville, an ACTUAL turning point in the case of Florida. At that time Jeremy Foley famously said (on firing Ron Zook) “Whatever needs to be done eventually should be done immediately”. I’m predicting eventually here, rather than immediately.


Scully said...

the difference between the zook firing and the richt situation is that Foley had identified meyer as zook's replacement. i am not sure that the new ad at georgia has had enough time to digest what is going on in athens to be prepared to make a move of this magnitude.

i guess if you are convinced that muschamp (or whomever they deem worthy) will take the job after the season, you fire richt; otherwise you have to let him stay.

Mojave Gator said...

When you poke the Gator, sometimes it bites your hand off. What Georgia fans took as bravado the Gators took as the ultimate insult, and the Dawgs have been paying the price ever since. I have a feeling we're not yet done stomping them into a mud hole.

Senator Blutarsky said...


Not that I have any room for argument here.

BTW, Mojave, it's not your mud hole stomping that depresses me right now. It's the thought that Derek Dooley may be coming to Athens in two weekends with more momentum than the home team.

Mergz said...


At least you know I read and remember, your work.