Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Best Served Cold

During Monday’s press conference, Coach Meyer stated that revenge wouldn’t be a factor in this weekend’s game against Alabama. He used logic to defend the statement, stating that “a majority of our team wasn’t even with us during last year’s game.” Unfortunately for Meyer no one told either Mike Pouncey or Ahmad Black that revenge won’t be a factor. Pouncey said today that “it (revenge) makes you play better, just knowing the fact that you got beat last year and you want to go out and prove something. So we’re going to go out and we’re going to play really hard.” Black went even further stating "It’s revenge. Even though we got a lot of young guys, there’s also a lot of guys who have been on the team as well that’s back here again this year. It’s revenge. We gotta go out here and play better than we did last year. Last year we didn’t come out and play our best."

If I was the HBC, I would play a montage of the Alabama players mocking Tim Tebow’s during the final moments of that championship game on the jumbotron. Actually, I would put it on a continuous loop. I would have reminded the players every day during the summer that not only did “we lose” but Alabama made mocked “us” during the moment. Remember these guys? They beat you and showed you no respect.

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