Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BlogPoll - Week 1

BlogPoll – Week 1
The Powers-That-Be have generously (perhaps too much so) allowed us to continue as BlogPoll voters. Our first effort is below.
We remain (at least some of “we”) dedicated “resume” voters and judge merit by what we have seen on the field. Is this imperfect? Most certainly, but it is no less imperfect than the guessing that goes on in traditional rankings. Simply stated, at this point in the season I don’t think ANYONE can tell who is “best”.
This is also a blog-reader participant sport, and this is an initial ballot, so I will take all courteously made suggestions.
Here is my thinking – I’m going to rank the teams who actually played someone near the top. Boise State is the obvious number 1 here – they went into a hostile environment and won against a major conference team. In doing so they put up 383 total yards against a VT team that yielded only 295.5 ypg last year, 12th in the nation.
Narrow losers (UNC, VT) who played real teams get consideration. Next you have the major conference teams who dispatched overmatched opponents. I AM NOT RANKING TEAMS THAT PLAYED LOWER CONFERENCE FOES (so nada to FSU or Tennessee). As far as I am concerned, these teams have yet to play a game.
Here is the first effort -


Mergz said...

Please also note this is a very, very fluid situation. In the case of Boise State their lack of serious competition in coming weeks should/will ding them in this poll as other teams step up and win against serious competition. It's hard to imagine them staying on top with their schedule.

Mergz said...

While it's probably bad form to comment twice on your own post without any other comments, I want to further add this poll is recognized as a total mess. The only thing I can hope to get right at this point is the highest ranked teams, and if you ask me a real difference between 24&25 I can't tell you. Next week is bound to make it clearer.

Scully said...

It is next to impossible to rank a top 25 based on what the teams have done in week 1 and exclude teams that play 1-AA opponents.

Mergz said...

Scully - you're right, it was damn near impossible. But trying to decide whether FSU whipping Samford or UT whipping Tenn-Martin is more impressive was darn near impossible too. However we will know far more about both next week.

All-in-all I'd rather not rank after 1 game.

Amazed&Refused said...

When ranking the opponent you may want to look at the fact that Marshall WON A BOWL GAME LAST YEAR which you cant say about a lot of the opponents ranked ahead of Ohio State.

Not to mention how is it even remotely logical to use rankings from traditional polls as a measuring stick for this train wreck?

Mergz said...

Wow, Marshall - who was 6-6 last season, won one of the 30-something bowl games last year. They beat that powerhouse Ohio by the earth shattering score of 21-17on a total of 275 yards offense.

Getting into a mdoern bowl game is the equivilant of having a pulse.

Then again, why do you care? I didn't even rank Florida. It's only the first week. There is one poll that matters - the final one. I'd figure a Buckeye would know that.