Monday, September 20, 2010

BlogPoll – Week 3

We enter the 4th regular season week with 34 undefeated FBS teams, so it is neither possible (nor desirable) to rank them all in the top 25. Clearly most of the top 25 will be undefeated at this point, but who of the one loss teams might deserve to be included? More on that later.

Looking at the Toughest Schedules (my last post) provided much to consider. Take Oregon who presently has both the best offense AND defense (by points per game) in the nation, but has played teams that are winless per the NCAA definition (see my post). So are they really that good? Or what about Michigan, winner of at least 2 fairly consequential games, but unimpressively ranked offensively and defensively? (39th and 69th respectively).

My final results have 24 unbeaten teams and 1 one-loss. The one-loss is Air Force who narrowly lost to Oklahoma.

Reasoning for my top ten –

1. TCU – Wins over Oregon State and Baylor, the Frog’s opponents are undefeated except against TCU. They are top 10 scoring offense and defense.

2. Arizona – like TCU the Wildcat’s opponents are undefeated ex-Arizona.

3. Stanford – the Cardinal’s opponents have a 66.6% winning record, Stanford has a top 3 offense.

4. Alabama – ‘Bama’s problem at this point is they have played teams that have a single FBS win, and that was Penn State beating Kent State. But their offense and defense are near the top of the FBS.

5. South Carolina – opponent’s win record of 66.6%.

6. Oregon – as I said, currently nation’s top D and O. But opponent’s records are winless.

7. Ohio State – Like Oregon opponents are winless. However I am taking a leap-of-faith here, as I THINK Miami is actually pretty good, and will bolster this resume going forward.

8. Nebraska – Opponents record of 40%, solid O and D.

9. Michigan – wins against U Conn and at Notre Dame suddenly looking less consequential. Below average defense.

10. Florida – for whatever else has happened, the Gators have at least played 3 FBS teams with a winning record of 66.6%.

The whole shebang –

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