Thursday, September 2, 2010

This and That

Remember boys and girls some of the things we do in the past will haunt us. Brandon Spikes is finding this out the hard way. The video was made before he was drafted and NFL is still looking into it. The video has also cost Spikes a deal with Reebok.

Georgia fans are as delusional as ever, with their thoughts about this upcoming season. Funny that the team described as “the nice guy that just can’t catch a break” just won the Fulmer Cup.

Just in case you don’t like any of the teams in the top 25, this version of the poll is for you.

Tennessee Sr. Gerald Williams has moved to DT despite weighing less than 250lbs. Williams once committed to the Gators (under Ron Zook) during the fall of 2004.

Miami University in Ohio DC, Carl Reese, coached at LSU. Reese famously called Florida coach Steve Spurrier shiny pants after beating the Gators in 1997.

CFT’s initial poll has the Gators at #1. Not sure how I feel about that one.

Are we sure that the Big 10 +2 is happy to have Nebraska join the conference? Here is a sneak peek at their 2011 schedule.

Seminoles “fans” not exactly beating down the gates to the stadium to kick off the Jim Fisher Era. For the record, no grown man should be named Jimbo.

ESPN tries to explain how Lane Kiffin is a head coach. Again.

I knew there was a reason I don't ride motorcycles.


Tim Naddy MAcc '00 said...

Hey Scully. Did you guys shut down Saurian Sagacity? What happened wth SS?

Scully said...

We decided to do our own thing.

I would imagine that it is still there, although I haven't checked in a little while.

Any truth to the rumor that the UM staff sent out written offers to 2012 prospects on September 1st, even though the rule was changed stating that they cannot go out before August 1 of a prospect's senior season?