Monday, September 13, 2010

We Might be in Trouble

Yeah, that’s a statement of the obvious, but let’s take a look at where Florida ranks nationally after 2 weeks of play.

If you just looked at our Scoring Offense and Scoring Defense you might not be that concerned. After all Florida presently ranks 33rd and 22nd in each, respectively.

But those stats are covering up some glaring weaknesses.

First of all those rankings come against Miami of Ohio and USF, not remotely the quality of teams we face ahead. Secondly they include defensive scoring in the Scoring Offense numbers.

Look what those scoring numbers are hiding –

Rushing Offense – 50th
Passing Offense – 104th
Total Offense – 92nd

And take a glance at the Gator defense by yardage so far -
Rushing Defense – 57th
Passing Defense – 28th
Total Defense – 28th

Once again, that is against Miami (OH) and USF.

We aren’t running the ball well, and we aren’t passing worth a damn.

But I’m most concerned about our rushing defense.

Tennessee has the 15th ranked rushing offense right now at 257 ypg. Volunteer Tauren Poole has already amassed 272 yards in two games.

Kentucky is next, ranked 30th in rushing averaging 218 yards ypg.

Then there’s Alabama with its two-headed rushing monster of Ingram and Richardson.

Plus, have you seen Marcus Lattimore of South Carolina? He only ran for 182 yards on 37 attempts against Georgia.

USF might very well have won that game had they not chosen ever to throw the ball.

If we can’t control the run in the SEC, we are finished. And we might just be finished sooner than we think.

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norcalvol said...

Glad to find where you fellows fled to after SS. I hope this new endeavor is fun.
As a Vol, we discovered a lot about ourselves against Oregon, and I imagine the Gators will get a bit of a better gauge in Neyland.
Our rushing attack was stunning during the first half Saturday, but once the Ducks adjusted, we were shut down.