Sunday, September 5, 2010

With Further Consideration...

A short post, as I'm (quite literally) on the road right now.

In the words of Ron Zook - everything looks "correctable".

Despite A mind-numbing 8 fumbles (3 lost) we still won the game. Brantley was 17-25 (68%) and that was with several drops.

The defense was spectacular, yielding no TD's despite being put in numerous short field positions.

We'll get the long snaps right. If there is a glaring concern it's our lack of a power running game. I'm not ready to panic - yet.

For an outsider's take, Dr Saturday's write-up is here.


Trader Rick said...

WE are in for a long season. The snap problem was huge, as were the turnovers, but those can be corrected. Hopefully. But, even so, this offensive effort was pathetic and worrisome.

Mergz said...

I'm afraid you're right Rick. I'm even worried about USF right now. Can you imagine what a debacle that could be?

SC Gator said...

I'm not worried about USF but I sure as hell wouldn't overlook them. Seems to be that team out west did just that last year and we all saw how that turned out.