Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am starting a running list of Offensive Coordinator candidates. My personal belief is that we need someone that specializes in teaching quarterbacks, which means the hiring of any of these candidates would mean not only the firing of Steve Addazio but also the firing of Scot Loeffler.

1. Dana Holgorsen - Off. Coord. and QB Coach at Oklahoma State.

2. David Yost - Off. Coord., Recruiting Coord., and QB Coach at Missouri.

3. Justin Fuente - Co-Off. Coord. and QB Coach at TCU.

4. Bryan Harsin - Off. Coord. and QB Coach at Boise State.

5. David Shaw - Off. Coord. and RB Coach at Stanford.

6. Mark Helfrich - Off. Coord. and QB Coach at Oregon.

7. Kerwin Bell - former Gator QB and Head Coach , Off. Coord. and QB Coach at Jacksonville University.

8. Jason Phillips - Off. Coord. and WR Coach at Houston.


Ken said...

Not sure it would require the firing of Addazio - although I see how it'd be hard to demote him a la Spurrier to Zook...

But I think Addazio is a good guy, good recruiter and a good o-line coach - but hasn't had time to focus on o-line as he's been Urban's errand boy while Urban "recovers"

Bryan Harsin would be interesting, but still not sold on Boise - my vote is for Yost...

Scully said...

It is very unlikely that Addazio will stay on the staff after this year. Given the performance of the team in the areas that he specifically oversees, I sure hope it is unlikely.

If you watch the Boise teams they at least have a plan when it comes to offense. That would be nice. Quite frankly I would be happy with any of those guys on my list

Anonymous said...

Just curious: is this list of "candidates" done with some "inside" knowledge, or is it just a wish list?

Scully said...

Meyer has not and will not say anything about Addazio's status. In fact, it is very likely changes will be made and none of us will know until after the season.

I know for a fact that Loeffler is very involved in calling plays, right now.

I have also been told that most of the offensive staff takes part in the gameplanning with each coach responsible for certain items. For instance Azzanni is responsible for red zone plays. So he comes up with a group of plays organized by down and distance. Then when we are in the red zone Addazio picks the particular play we are going to run. So Addazio is responsible for the play call but Azzanni is responsible for the play being on the play sheet.

As for the list, consider it a wish list for now.

Trader Rick said...

Kerwin Bell, Hmmmmmmm.....

Andrew said...

Why a new QB coach? Give Brantley time to throw and a couple WRs that get open and then catch the ball first. Loeffler worked with more of a pro-style offense in the past. My guess is, moving to this would be back to his comfort zone. I'd find new RB and OL coaches before QB. What about guys in the NFL? Any candidates there?

Scully said...

It is my belief that our QBs have regressed under Loeffler.

Loeffler began working with the QBs right after the 2008 BCS title game.

Fact is that last year, Tebow struggled throwing the ball. Too often holding onto the ball for too long and locking onto his primary receiver. To make matters worse if that receiver was covered he did not "work through his progressions" to find the open receiver.

The same thing is happening this year with Brantley. Brantley looks at option 1 and if that guy is covered the ball goes to the check down receiver. Not option 2 or 3 (assuming of course that our routes are more complicated than having check down being the 2nd option).

So while it is true that Loeffler had success at Michigan, that does not mean he will have success here, and I think the results point to the fact that he hasn't been successful.

If Meyer wants to run a version of the spread, which it seems as though he does, he needs a QB coach to coach his QBs the spread. So in my mind, that means a different QB coach.

As for a coach from the pros, I do not see it happening unless it is someone off of the Patriot staff.

Andrew said...

That makes sense. I'm not sure though that it doesn't have to do more with timing and lack of blocking. Brantley taking a lot of hits early would explain checking down so often.

What about Charlie Weiss? He and Loeffler would be a good fit for a pro-style offense. He was a Patriot...

Scully said...

There is no way Charlie Weis leaves KC as OC to come to Florida to be OC - which in my mind is a good thing.