Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I am hearing

We are two days before the biggest game of the year. Biggest not just because it is the next game, but because it is an opportunity for the team to beat a hated rival and in the process take a step towards winning the SEC East.

So what is happening with the team:

1. For a guy that doesn't make excuses, Meyer sure has a lot of them.

2. Andre Debose's sprained ankle will likely limit him during the game on Saturday, which is a shame because he was just becoming involved.

3. Expect Chris Rainey to play a hybrid role, getting touches as both a running back and a slot receiver.

4. Don't expect our offense's scheme to change much despite coming off the bye week, it is just too difficult to revamp an offense in 2 weeks. This hammers home the fact that spring and summer are just as important as the fall for any football team and the more I digest this season more I realize that Meyer's leave of absence, while great for him, killed any chance we had this year of having a successful season.

5. Georgia has the #1 rushing defense in the SEC, so the health of Gillislee might be the key to the game. Gillislee running between the tackles would open up the rest of the running lanes.

6. We received verbal commitments from Clay Burton (DE), Mike Blakely (RB) and 2012 prospect Omari Phillips (OL/DL) this week. This to me says more than anything else about our coach's feeling about this team and it isn't good.

7. For some reason, the Orlando Sentinel has broken down every offensive play we have run this year and created a database.

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