Friday, October 29, 2010

What to Watch For on Saturday

1. Look for the Gator offense to emphasize the importance of 1st down. Going into the Cocktail Party the offense ranks 119th in yardage gained on first downs.

2. Rainey will get a ton of touches. With Debose (ankle sprain) likely out, I expect Rainey to return kickoffs. I would also expect to see him get carries at Tailback and catch a few passes.

3. Kicking game. Chas Henry will handle all the kicking on Saturday - punts, field goals and kick offs. Don't expect him to attempt a field goal longer than 45 yards - which means any Gator offensive possession outside of the Bulldog 28 will result in us going for it on 4th down.

4. Frankie Hammond will play more plays on offense but Deonte Thompson will start. Hammond has become a much more reliable option at WR and the coaches are rewarding him with more playing, while the senior still gets the name recognition as the starter.

5. This will be the week that Brantley doesn't run any option and Burton throws a pass. Our running game is so stagnant that we have to have Burton at QB to run some zone-read plays in order to provide us with energy. I think Burton will also connect on a pass to Omarius Hines, similar to the Kentucky game.

6. Given Georgia's balance, we will be in a 4-3 most of the game on Defense.

7. Jenkins v. Green should be great. Green has not scored against us the past 2 years.

8. Jon Bostic has to play off the charts in order for us to win. Our LB play this year has been pretty weak and against the Bulldogs it will have to better if we are going to win.

Pick 6

1. The Cocktail Party - If we were playing anyone other than Georgia, I would say we have no chance to win. We are lost on offense and our defense doesn't attack. That being said, the players' confidence against Georgia is extremely high and you have to love our chances given the extra time to prepare. Gators pull off the "upset" 27-17.

2. Auburn v. Ole Miss - This is the type of game that Houston Nutt wins, but it won't happen this week. The Ole Miss OL is too green to deal with Auburn's DL. Cam Newton has another big week on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy.

3. Oregon v. USC - Chip Kelly is fast becoming my favorite coach in the country. His offense is amazing and he shoots straight from the hip. Against Stanford he accussed Jim Harbaugh of being overly friendly with the refs - during a halftime interview! This week Kelly raved about USC's two deep, stating that they had an abundance of 4 and 5 star recruits. Kiffin responded and then Kelly came back over the top. Good stuff.

As for the game, I expect Oregon to score at least 45 and pull away in the second half.

4. Mizzou v. Nebraska. Mizzou OC David Yost v. Pellini bros. Nebraska defense. Just like Alabama couldn't go on the road win after beating a ranked opponent at home, Mizzou will fall from the unbeatens as well.

5. Michigan State's luck runs out against Iowa.

6. Baylor beats the Longhorns in Austin. Texas and Florida are going through similar seasons - both teams aren't very good. Urban Meyer has chosen to not point fingers at players or the coaching staff. Mack Brown called out everyone this week telling the staff if "one of your guys is playing bad, I can change them, if three or four of your guys are playing bad, I can change you." I am sure that the fans appreciate Brown's method, while the players and staff appreciate Meyer's.

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Congrats on your 6-for-6, Scully...of course, your shortterm investment broker is probably thrilled not-so-much.