Sunday, October 31, 2010


Just back from Jacksonville. For a game that felt like a slowly unfolding train wreck for 60 minutes, the overtime win was sweet indeed (and sweet vindication for a certain punter-turned-placekicker).

There is much to analyze, and much to criticize, but sometimes you just have to look at a win as that - a win.

This is exactly one of those times.

P.S. - I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Senator Blutarsky of Get the Picture who generously donated a beer to this wandering Gator. Likely he's smarting from the game outcome, but I wanted to extend my thanks.


Anonymous said...

I really wish Hill could have taken that last pick back. Would have been nice to have that played season after season with all the Lindsay Scott we've endured over the years.


Anonymous said...


Mergz said...

Cliff -

I was actually "injured" on that play (I apologize to the woman seated in front of me).