Thursday, November 11, 2010

Florida – South Carolina: What the Predictors Say

If you’ve been following my BCS Championship Game Odds Model, you know I use for my predictions of future games. Statfox has been shown to be among the most accurate in predicting both wins and ATS (against the spread).

Well statfox has Florida as a huge favorite over South Carolina, with a prediction of a 18 point win (with 4 of those points accounting for home field).

Jeff Sagarin, on the other hand, only has Florida as a 4 point favorite, with 3 points for the home field.

As for Vegas, they currently have us at 6 ½ points over the Gamecocks.

Teams favored by 6 ½ win about 66% of the time. If you had told me that, after losing to Mississippi State, we had a 66% chance of still playing for the SEC title I would have taken it then, and I’ll take it now.

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Trader Rick said...

GAtors will cover the spread!