Monday, November 15, 2010


Does that translate from coach-speak to english as really fucking bad? If so then I agree.

2 first downs in the first half.

We were down 15-7 at the half and had no chance of winning the game.

The ultimate Urban Meyer apologist, Lou Holtz had this as a response to Reece Davis's claim that unless changes are made by the Florida staff at halftime South Carolina is going to win this game: "The things they need to change, you cannot change during halftime."

We are 10 games into a season and we still haven't figured out what type of offense we want to be, so we have no offense at all. In fact, our offense is the very definition of non-functional.


Anonymous said...

I think this is the main reason our offense is non-functional.

Last Spring, the coaches looked around and said "Hmm, Brantley is a drop-back passer. But we run the spread here. Say, let's do both!"

So we get confused blocking, a panicked QB, and receivers who give up on routes.


Anonymous said...

My first marriage was less "non-functional" than the poor excuse for an offense that I saw in their all-blues Sat night...and I had to divorce the beeyotch before I ended up killing her.