Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And So It Ends

Quite honestly, I wish he had stayed resigned last year. It was clear from his “efforts” this season that he wasn’t into the demands of the job.

This isn’t to criticize Meyer entirely – he brought Florida unprecedented success. If someone doesn’t want to do a job, whether for health reasons or otherwise, don’t do it. But the question is, “Why the lost year?” If you weren’t into it, why have the fans suffer through a lost season? Now I’ve heard rumors of why he stayed, including that he might have been forced through various circumstances. If so, we ticket season holders are due a refund (fat chance, I know).

Overall however, this is the best decision for the Florida program, even if it is a year late. For our opposition, gloating and celebration is exactly the wrong reaction. Florida under the current coaching staff was a program in decline. Florida with a vacant head coaching position is the best job in the nation. If we want your coach, chances are we’ll get him.

My inside sources tell me expect an A+ hiring, money no object. ESPN is already reporting that “the world is Florida’s oyster”, and that we should “sit back and let the resumes roll in.”

If anyone should be celebrating its Florida fans – celebrating the great legacy of Coach Meyer, and celebrating a very bright future.

UPDATE: That crying sound you hear? It's coming from Miami.


Anonymous said...

Several times in his presser tonight, Urban specifically mentioned the "timing" of this announcement.
Are you thinking that this was done announced now to insure that NO potenial HC with any "juice" will sign on with the Canes until the UF job is filled? Where the Gators can, as you say, "sit back and let the resumes roll in," Shalala & North Havana already had a much tougher sell...and NOW have to play 2nd fiddle to the Gators not only in recruiting players, but a coach as well.
Actually, Miami is probably going to end up with Wannstache, who I don't believe is a viable candidate for Florida, anyway. But I still think this puts Mijami WAAAY behind the eight ball...
Sorry 'bout their luck.


Ethan said...

Any chance we can get some power rankings before these bowl pool picks are due??? Ha!

Trader Rick said...

Any thoughts on Coach Boom?

Anonymous said...

RE: Refund

Not only are you NOT getting a refund, but:

UF is RAISNG ticket prices next year--$5 a pop.

$5 per ticket
75,000 season tickets
7 home games

Muschamp's salary: $2.7M