Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I am hearing

Florida Coaching Staff.

I have been told that 2 current coaches have already been retained for next year. Unfortunately, I haven't been told who those coaches are as of today. But we do know that one isn't Steve Addazio. Addazio was offered the offensive line coach position at Texas, but reportedly turned that down and will be the next head coach at Temple.

Count me as one of the people that think Addazio will make an excellent head coach. The players love him and he is an excellent recruiter. As the year wore on it was obvious that he was in over his head here at Florida, but I think he will do fine in Philadelphia.

Of the remaining staff members, we know that Teryl Austin will not be on the staff next year. Supposedly he will be the next DC at Texas - weird that they like our staff more than we do. I have a feeling that Stan Drayton will be on the staff, because it is typical for an incoming coach to retain one of the african-american staff members and since we only had 2 and 1 is going to Texas....

So I will put the remaining staff members in order of likelihood of staying:

Brian White - TE coach and FB coach.
Chuck Heater - S coach
Scot Loeffler - QB coach
Zach Azzani - WR coach
DJ Durkin - LB coach

Here is what I think our staff will look like at the end of the day:

Will Muschamp - HBC
Al Borges - OC and QB coach(currently at SDSU and coach with Muschamp at Auburn)

other possibilities
Garrick McGee - OC at Arkansas
Major Applewhite - RB coach at Texas

Stan Drayton - RB coach

other possibilities
Greg Knox - RB coach at Miss. State
Robert Gillespie - RB coach at Oklahoma State

David Kelly - WR coach and recruiting coordinator (currently at UCF)

other possibilities
Stan Hixon - WR coach with Buffalo Bills
Bobby Williams - TE coach at Alabama

Stacey Searels - OL coach (currently at UGA and coached at LSU with Muschamp)

other possibilities
Tim Davis - OL coach and running game coordinator with Minnesota Vikings
Joe Wickline OL coach at Oklahoma State

Kirby Smart - DC and LB coach (currently at Alabama and coached with Muschamp)

other possibilities
any of the below with Muschamp handling the defensive calls during the game

Bo Davis - DT coach (currently at Alabama and coach with Muschamp)

other possibilities:
Terry Price - DL coach at Ole Miss
Mike Tolleson - DE coach at Texas

John Papuchis - ST coordinator and DE coach (currently at NEB and coach at LSU with Muschamp)

Chuck Heater - secondary coach

My list above is one short, but you get the idea. I see a staff that will emphasize physical play and be deeply connected to the Southern way of playing football.

I will update my list as I hear more, but the key date is the day after our bowl game, which also coincides with the end of the NFL regular season.

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Scully said...

I was just informed that the word around coaching circles is that both of the coordinators will in all likelihood come from the NFL.

Add the following to the OC possibilities:

Mike Shula
Rob Chudzinski