Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Punishment is swift

Chris Rainey's time with the University of Florida football has ended. Yesterday Steve Addazio stated that Rainey was not a part of the team 'right now' and this morning there have been multiple reports that he has been dismissed entirely from the team

Rainey's arrest, the team's 30th since Urban Meyer was named head football coach, was due to threats (both verbal and via text) to 34 yr old on again, off again girlfriend Kelley Anderson (pictured below on the left).

Coach Meyer was very clear after the Frankie Hammond situation that behavior like Rainey's would not be tolerated. If the dismissal holds true, Meyer has made himself crystal clear.


Dr. Jorge Cruz said...

Kinda of a douchebag move puttin' that broad's pic on the screen, wouldn't you say? Just because she's dumb enough to burn ghetto football coal doesn't mean she deserves her face all over the Web, jerkoff.

Mojave Gator said...

...and how could anyone argue with such an eloquent response?

Mergz said...

I'm torn whether to remove "Dr. Cruz's" comment for being offensive and racist, or leaving it as a testament to his lack of character.

ATQ said...

Perhaps Dr. Cruz is actually Mr. Kelley Anderson?