Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tennessee Hate Week

Yes its Tennessee week, and though I want to work up the same type of rage that led to bourbon fueled broken hand in my younger days, I just don’t seem to feel the same way about the Vols as I used to – and should still. Mostly, in the light of the Kiffin affair, I pretty much feel sorry for them. Yes, I’d still like to see their yellow-orange guts torn from their ribcages and spread over those checkerboard end zones, its just now I feel it mostly as a part of my duty as a Gator fan than any current burning UT hate.

For the opening salvo of Tennessee week I’m going to allow Dr Saturday (Nostalgia: Enshrining Peyton Manning in the Gator Bait Hall of Fame) and the fellow Gators at EDSBS (TENNESSEE WEEK: REMEMBER WHY YOU SHOULD CARE VIA CASEY CLAUSEN) take the first shots.

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