Friday, September 24, 2010


So I’m watching Miami demolish the hapless Pitt Panthers last night, and a long term irritant of mine resurfaced.

Why in the name of Hogan’s Goat does Miami refer to itself as the “U”?

Don’t give me the obvious “It’s the University of Miami”. There are 120 schools playing FBS football. Almost every single one of them is a University, with the word “University” in their name. (Georgia Institute of Technology and Boston College would be exceptions).

In other words, there is not a single thing unique or remarkable about calling one self, essentially, “the University”. It’s the Miami part of the name that is the unique designator. It’s almost as if some dipshit, while designing their logo, chose the wrong letter.

The fact they are so proud of it drives me crazy. It’s Blutarskian!

Bluto understands why Miami is "Da U"

Now say was Georgia Tech to call themselves “The I”, THAT would be unique.  But the “U” - Shouldn’t that be Utah?


Anonymous said...

Good question! I thought it was a weather symbol for hurricane, but could not find any source information.

Here is what is on the UM school site:

In 1973, UM’s Athletic Federation, the fund raising arm of the athletic department at the time, commissioned a local public relations expert to develop a distinctive logo. The University had gone several years with a variety of helmet and uniform changes and the Federation noted that a number of major colleges have the initials UM. Miami designer Bill Bodenhamer suggested the "U" idea, which lent itself to slogans like "U gotta believe" and "U is great".

Mergz said...

Anon -

Well that answers a question I have had about the logo! But it still doesn't explain why they didn't chose the "M".

And "U is great"? Nice language use.