Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some quick bits of tid:

1. Brantley is obviously banged up, but the question is how badly? Reports circulated that he had some broken ribs. I was told that he did not practice on Sunday, but was back taking reps during Tuesday's practice (the team has Monday off). Marcus Gilbert was quoted yesterday stating that Brantley did indeed practice on Sunday, so who knows. I also know that Vegas got word of "an injury" and pulled the game off the board and the game has since gone back up on the board. We were told by Steve Adiveo (more words of wisdom from him later) that the rumors of an injury were completely false. Taken into account all that we know and what we have been told we can deduct that Brantley is injured, but will play and be limited somewhat - think Tebow's shoulder injury. It is very likely that the injury is significant enough to limit Brantley's ability to run the option (horray!) and that we will see more of Burton this week.

2. Adiveo bristled at the idea that Mike Pouncey should be replaced at the center position and that he in fact he has graded as a champion every week. Now I am not sure how they grade the linemen, but there is no way in hell Pouncey has played as well this year at center as he played last year at guard, that is just a fact. What I have been told is that moving Pouncey from center is more of an issue with Robey and Alajajian than it is with moving Pouncey. Robey apparently is not ready due to the fact that he suffered an injury this off-season and then was limited again in the "pre-season". Alajajian supposedly is ready but does have one issue - occasional bad shotgun snaps. So until Robey is ready, Pouncey will the center.

3. I have heard that Meyer was not happy with the fact that certain aspects of the offensive gameplan were not implemented during the 'Bama game. I guess you can call me skeptical. The supposed missing element? Allegedly Andre Debose during the first half. While the offense won't be all pass, the percentages should lean more towards passing this week, especially early in a series. The question is will this be because a change in philosophy (which is needed) or due to the fact that our top 2 running backs are hurt (out of necessity)?

4. Getting conflicting reports regarding Will Hill. No conflict about his play, which has been subpar, the issue has been whether or not he is starting this weekend. Elam has made more plays during his limited playing time, so my guess is that Elam starts against LSU.


Jason said...

I'd be surprised if Elam starts, but happy.

Scully said...

It comes down to making plays and Hill isn't making enough of them.

I find it very odd that the staff is seemingly very willing to move players that do not do their job, except at center. In fact I find it mindboggling.