Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 6 BlogPoll

My thinking (when I refer to SOS, I’m looking at the NCAA’s Toughest Schedules, which measures winning record of opponents) –

Believe it or not, Alabama – Arizona was a close call for me. While I got to witness the fury of Alabama first hand, Arizona has played a tougher SOS (0.778 winning record to 0.571) so far. ‘Bama’s better scoring and defensive stats give them the edge.

Oregon has impressive NCAA stats, but an unimpressive SOS (0.333).

TCU is near tops in NCAA stats, with a 0.643 SOS.

Ohio State’s SOS is only 0.333.

Oklahoma State is scoring over 52 points per game with an SOS of 0.545

Boise State – big stats, no solid opponents (0.500 SOS).

Oklahoma – I don’t get the national pollsters here. 37th ranked Scoring Offense, 57th ranked Scoring Defense. Texas, incidentally, sucks.

Iowa – narrow loss to my 2nd Arizona on the road. 2nd ranked Scoring Defense, SOS of 0.700.

Florida – see Oklahoma. I don’t know why we are 12th in the Coaches Poll, when we have 46th ranked Scoring Offense, and 26th ranked Scoring Defense. If not for the SOS of 0.765 I wouldn’t rank UF at all.

Utah – 0.166 SOS. Really?

FSU and Miami – ranked where they are because I hate them. Ok, just kidding – I do hate them, but I’m not letting that get in my way of placing them fairly. I think.

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