Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Power Rankings – Week 5

Please see the explanation at the end for methodology. Also please note - I am still not using the SOS in my Power Ratings. We are still too early into the season to have these be completely meaningful (California, for instance, has lost 2 games but played a perfect SOS, meaning the 4 teams they have played are undefeated against all other opponents).

Boys of Old Florida – Week 5 Power Rankings (without SOS)

1 Alabama 2.668
2 Oregon 2.600
3 Utah 2.488
4 TCU 2.450
5 Arizona 2.423
6 Ohio St. 2.415
7 Nebraska 2.413
8 Boise St. 2.395
9 Missouri 2.310
10 Iowa 2.276
11 Nevada 2.238
12 Oklahoma St. 2.228
13 LSU 2.157
14 Auburn 2.125
15 Michigan St. 2.123
16 Michigan 2.086
17 San Diego St. 2.080
18 Northwestern 2.027
19 Stanford 2.009
20 Florida St. 2.003
21 Kansas St. 1.999
22 Baylor 1.984
23 Oklahoma 1.974
24 Wisconsin 1.938
25 Arkansas 1.927

When we don’t take SOS into account, we get teams like Utah at 3rd. (they have 6th best Scoring Offense and 7th best Scoring Defense).

So where’s Florida?

Well, the Gators currently have the 46th best offense and 26th best defense, so they come in 31st in this poll.

Which begs the question – why release this at all? Well, I look at these values when voting my BlogPoll ballot, for one. Second, this is certainly “food for thought” (Maybe Arizona is better than ranked nationally?)


(SD Ratio + SO Ratio+ W/L Record) * SOS = Power Value

Explained further –

SD Ratio is a ratio of each team’s scoring defense to the best scoring defense. This is made into a ratio that compares it to the top Scoring Defense.

SO Ratio is a ratio of each team’s scoring offense to the best scoring offense.

W/L record is a simple calculation of % record.

We add the three components together. Then the number is multiplied by the strength of schedule (also a ratio) per the NCAA, The end result is the power ranking.

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Clark said...

By next week (or even this week) I think the SOS does become meaningful and should be included. I would like to see how it shakes things up. Perhaps next week you could post the rankings both ways?