Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mid-Week Report

1. ESPN's SEC Blog has been very kind to the Gators after the big win Saturday. Here the talk is about the team's pride.

2. On the same day that Mark Richt and Todd Grantham were making excuses for why it was okay for a coach to giving an opposing playing the choke sign and for yelling "You're going to fucking choke" to the back-up kicker, Urban Meyer was making one of the kindest gestures I can remember a coach making. Maybe this is the biggest statement of the differences between the two programs.

3. Pay attention to the job openings across the country, especially in the Midwest. Dan McCarney will be a candidate for at least one of them, particularly somewhere like Minnesota.

4. Notre Dame boosters are so unhappy with Brian Kelly's decision to put Declan Sullivan in the tower, a decision that eventually led to Sullivan's death, that Kelly may be forced to resign after the season. The play on the field hasn't been the best, but I have been told that the people behind the scenes (you know the ones that really run the show) were willing to give Kelly a pass due to the major injuries the team has suffered.

5. The fact that Ahmad Black didn't make the finalist list for the Thorpe Award proves that the award is a joke. Black has been the Gators' best player and is without a doubt one of the top 10 defensive backs in the country.

6. BOOF would like to send our thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of Nick Bell. Bell started 2 games for the Mississippi State Bulldogs this year, was diagnosed in late September with brain cancer after complaining of severe headaches on the field.


JaxDawg said...

Don't equate the two incidents as being the same in nature. One was done on the field and the other in the locker room. A very nice gesture by Meyer indeed, but if you want to talk about nice gestures, I submit ex. 1 - Mark Richt.

So don't give me your sanctimonious bullshit gator.

Anonymous said...

What a freaking joke. Every coach, mostly behind the scenes and not letting the media run with it, does this kind of thing. Good grief, I'm beginning to think that Chris Rainey should be a humanitarian award from Meyer for only threating his girl, instead of harming her.

Let's see...eye gouging, check. Time outs to rub a victory in, check. Time outs while opposing kickers are kicking re. Auburn 2007, check. Yep, Meyer's bunch is at the low end of the totem in regards to class. You were right.

Scully said...

Actually you know what, you are right. Meyer is bad and Richt is good. For the love of all things holy please keep Mark Richt as the coach of the Georgia Bulldogs!

Gators for Richt!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You give blowhard pricks a bad name. You're a bad guy, man.

There are plenty of pictures of Corch flapping his gator arms like a pair of swinging donkey balls.

Scully said...

Nothing is more influential than a comment from someone signed Anonymous.

On a lighter note - Word on the street is that my man Chas Henry blew a kiss towards the Georgia sideline in response to the icing timeout.

If true - Legendary!

Hobnail_Boot said...

To hell with Florida and all their sanctimonious fans.


Mergz said...

"Sanctimonious" seems to be the UGA buzzword of the week. I went to one of their blogs and offered a "good game" and was told I was being "sanctimonious".


making a hypocritical show of religious devotion, piety, righteousness, etc.:

Not really sure how that works here. A hypocritical show of superiority maybe?

But then again, the Gators are superior, so there is no hypocrisy.

JaxDawg said...

No Mergz. It's righteousness, as in self-righteousness. As in FL never crosses the line and never sins. Right.

Check out the video of Will Hills interception (great play) and watch your freshman center #58 intentionally forearm #12 Tavares King in the head as he sprinted to celebrate with Hill in the end zone.

Then talk to me about sanctimonious. Or pious. Or just spooled, entitled, whiny-ass bitches.

Anonymous said...

People that piss and moan about "class" (of which I never have heard a definition other than "our guy's got it, yours don't") are losers.

Even after two decades of dominance, beating Georgia never gets old.

Anonymous said...

RE: "The Kiss"

/influential comment

sickofwhineyugafans said...

Get off our website, Dawgs. Whine somewhere else.