Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Update

Debose and Howard improving health-wise.

Patchan still out. I am beginning to wonder if he won't just take a medical redshirt this year.

Jon Dowling (freshman FS 4* recruit) has been dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules. Meyer stated that the dismissal was permanent. Makes you wonder what he did given the fact that they just reinstated Rainey.


UFTimmy said...

The scuttlebutt is he wasn't going to classes, grumbling about playing time, and routinely "getting into it" with Meyer about his lack of playing time and lack of attendance.

Agree that it doesn't look good, though.

Scully said...

I heard that he was having issues attending class as well.

Heard his father even came down to try to straighten him out and that Dowling and Meyer had gotten into an argument over it.

I saw it mentioned that he might have walked off with a wallet from the locker room that wasn't his.

A couple of weeks ago Josh Shaw was moved from corner to FS. Shaw was too big for corner but should fit in fine as a FS.