Monday, October 25, 2010

Power Rankings – Week 8

Ohhhh, Oregon…

Here’s what we get (methodology below) –

1 Missouri 1.8356
2 Auburn 1.6462
3 TCU 1.5964
4 Michigan St. 1.5765
5 LSU 1.4772
6 Nebraska 1.4247
7 Oklahoma 1.4118
8 Ohio St. 1.4112
9 Boise St. 1.3889
10 Iowa 1.2748
11 South Carolina 1.2735
12 Arkansas 1.2523
13 Oklahoma St. 1.2510
14 Arizona 1.2476
15 Illinois 1.2155
16 Stanford 1.2057
17 Wisconsin 1.1818
18 Mississippi St. 1.1687
19 Alabama 1.1407
20 Hawaii 1.1370
21 North Carolina St. 1.1284
22 Miami (FL) 1.1272
23 Florida St. 1.1250
24 Kansas St. 1.0784
25 West Virginia 1.0006

As I said last week, I’m at a bit of a loss this season as to how these are coming out. Oregon yet again is not in the top 25 (they are 32nd), but the Ducks continue to have one of the worst SOS’s in the country, currently 112 of 120 per the NCAA.

In defense of last week’s rankings, they did indicate that Missouri should beat Oklahoma (how many of you had that?). According to last week’s Power Rankings, we would have had the following “spreads” (for the big games) –

Missouri by 7 over Oklahoma

Auburn EVEN to LSU

Iowa by 9 over Wisconsin

Yeah, it didn’t predict that last one quite right. But I’m pretty happy with the rest.

Yet, I still don’t believe what I see here. I think Oregon, with their new offense, could beat just about anyone. The problem is, to the Power Rankings, they have played just about no one.

Finally, a note about why we might be seeing such unusual results. In our typical year-end Power Rankings, the top teams usually are well over a total score of 2.000. Here, no team exceeds 2.

Maybe it will get better in the next couple of weeks.

I’ll do a post later this week with “predictions” based on these values.

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