Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome to the End Times

Alabama loses at LSU, eliminating the Tide from BCS title contention.

Oklahoma loses big to Texas A&M, also ending their BCS Championship hopes.

TCU embarrasses previously unbeaten Utah.

I give you the End Times!

We will know more when the new BCS rankings come out, but I now suspect that TCU, and not Boise State, is well poised to play for the "national championship". TCU was 3rd in the computer polls prior to destroying Utah, and their hand will strengthen.

If Auburn and Oregon continue to win out, the BCS will remain unbusted. But with what's happened so far this year, don't be surprised to see the Horned Frogs playing for the title.

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Anonymous said...

Curious to see what your calculations this week show. But with Alabama gone, & Nebraska barely hanging on, it looks like Oregon-TCU may be the most likely scenario? Talk about the immovable object & the irresistable force!