Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yard Sale

For those of you who enjoying skiing, a ski accident that involves gear spread all over the slopes is known (some affectionately) as a “yard sale”.

College football is closing in on a yard sale of its own.

For years we’ve been approaching the day when a non-BCS school might compete for a BCS championship. Never mind the absurdity of that statement on its face (could a non-SEC school win an SEC championship?), that day looks to have “done approached”. If non-BCS signatories can play for the “title”, why stop there? James Madison? Anyone, anyone?

Normally fans of the BCS (of which I am not one) would root for Auburn and Oregon to merely win out, thus avoiding this deleterious fate. At least in the case of Oregon, that seems like a safe plan to follow.

As for Auburn, well, that seems to be another matter.

The Cam Newton “situation” is far from sorted out, but it appears at least plausible that Newton is an ineligible player.* Auburn also appears to have gone “all-in”, and will play Newton regardless (it’s reasonably to assume they have no chance of winning otherwise).

So we have the very real possibility that Auburn, should they win out, could be stripped of its wins at some later date. Newton, currently the Heisman favorite, may have to give up that award a-la Reggie Bush.**

So for those that want a clean and conclusive ending to this NCAA season, Auburn may not provide that. So root for Alabama, right?

Well, if ‘Bama wins, we are going to get TCU and/or Boise State against Oregon.

So this is where college football finds itself as of now –

- Oregon wins out all the way, and the BCS marches blithely on for another day, or,

- Auburn wins out, and the term “tainted title” takes on a whole new meaning, or,

- TCU/Boise State statute-of-liberty’s their way to a BCS title, despite not being a BCS team, and the whole BCS is forever changed.

For those of us who are non-BCS fans, grab your popcorn. This is going to be a doozy.

*Without getting exhaustive, it appears that someone soliciting benefits on behalf of a student-athlete is against NCAA rules, which Cecil Newton appears to have done. I’m not suggesting Auburn did anything wrong in the recruitment of Cam, just that Cam may be ineligible. (Think Reggie Bush, USC).

**The Bush incident stained the Heisman. Newton may befoul it totally.

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Anonymous said...

Although I am certainly NOT a fan of the BcS system, I see no reason Boise or TCU would be any less valid a "national" champion than the Miami or FSU teams of the 80's and 90's...only having to get up to play a select few "big" games each year while building up an "impressive" record on a slate of cupcakes the rest of the season.